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Real Estate

Looking for attractive business opportunities on the field of real estate investments? Nice, so you must pay an attention to Ukraine! Due to the intensive movement of the country in direction of EU integration, the local infrastructure is very fast in its development. Visiting the country you can see that real estate building, renewing & developing growth is even too intensive now. Even after two crises past Ukrainian real estate industry is growing & very attractive for foreign investors. But where the right way is? Just ask us for an advice. Ukr Jordan is a compliant & professional real estate agent in Ukraine. Our experts are experienced business professionals with long & positive track of real estate deals in Ukraine. We are always in touch with the fresh real estate projects all over the country. Our analytics refreshing their database daily & we are always ready to assist you in choice of a successful project.


The most attractive real estate projects are commercial estate of Kiev, Odessa, Lvov, & Kharkov as the most developed cities & business centers of Ukraine; investments in a new living houses & middle class town houses construction in central & southern Ukraine & touristic centers development in the western region of the country.

Interested? Call us & and our high skilled experts will take care to offer you an attractive project in area of real estate in Ukraine. We carefully check every project & not only involving the investors & developers in negotiations & deals. We are serving both sites during the preparation, negotiations & contracting as so as providing the professional follow up during all period of the project goes on. Doesn’t matter if your business needs are focused on the long term projects or you are aiming the fast money turn over, we will do our best to strictly follow your personal business needs.

There are a lot of business services necessary on the way of every project running. Clear translation is necessary for total understanding between the sites & clever legal documentation is the guarantee of the safety for investor & developer in their relations. Our managers will take care about all necessary legal formalities & are always in touch with the client, informing about the project progress in real time. Need a professional help for real estate investing in Ukraine? – Just connect to us & let it be the first step on the way to success.