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Investor assistance

Ukraine is young & fast developing European country. Since 1991 when the country got independence Ukraine passed through the tuff period of changes & redirection from communistic way to the way of democratic & business development. Today Ukraine gives very attractive investment opportunities to the local & foreign business players. Due to its geographic location, balanced climate & developing infrastructure the country is pleasing to develop medical, building & real estate business, internal & international logistics & agricultural business. We are the business & investments agents with a deep expertise in involving funds in Ukrainian real estate, agriculture & other highly potential projects. If you are in search for nice opportunity to place the investments, new directions of business development or interesting financial projects feel free to contacts us. Our managers


are high skilled professionals with long term expertise will be glad to assist you in start of your Ukrainian projects. We are glad to propose you all necessary legal & accounting services on the start & professional follow up during all of your projects running. Why our clients choose us? Our representatives are fluent English & Arabic speakers. We personally check every project before involving the investor in it 100% investments protection guaranteed

If you are aiming to invest in developing Ukrainian projects, we will give the best business analysis data. How to choose your project? First of all you have to understand the business core of it, be sure that it’s legally & financial safe, as so as profitability & investments should be reasonable, transparent & clear. Our managers will carefully understand your business area & interests before offering you the project. Also we can create & start an exclusive project according to your business or investor needs, knowing the field of Ukraine ant internal accounting & legislation.

We are glad to provide you with highly professional company incorporation service, licensing, full cycle of accounting and financial service & marketing research in any business field in Ukraine. If you are not I Ukraine – don’t hesitate to contact us & we will open the golden gates for you.