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Medical Tourism

The health is the main value that we have. Sometimes our health related needs are confidential & we search not only the price & quality issue, but also the secure one. The religion or laws of some countries forbid a number of medical procedures. These days the healthcare services become more & more expensive. Sure, we can put most part of the expenses on the insurance company but what shall we do if necessary procedure is out of insurance program? The answer is – to pay the price. So, we are on the edge of the decision where to go & how to choose the clinic that will provide us with the nice & secure service billing the reasonable price for it. The best deal is to go abroad.

Our company will be glad to give you the best mix of European quality & secure health care service in Ukraine. Ukraine is quite young but very attractive country for medical tourism with well developed & regulated private healthcare industry. You can order a consultation of our English or Arabic speaking manager & we will help you in choice of suitable clinic.

Ukraine took the 7th place in Europe by the medical tourists flow in 2008.

Our partners are the best & most technical developed medical clinics in Ukraine

24 hours assistance during your visit in Ukraine & further follow up

The main strengths of Ukrainian medicine are dentistry & implantation, IVF, obstetrics & gynecology, cosmetic & reconstructive surgery, cardiology neurology, urology & oncology. The most part of the clinics instantly improve the doctor’s qualification in Europe. The material basis & equipment are modern & instantly upgraded due to the actual world medical & technical standards. Also we choose the partners with well-developed infrastructure so your treatment will be as effective as highly comfortable.

Separately we want to mention that due to the flexible regulatory policy & progressive science the most innovative methods are deeply implemented in common medical practice of Ukraine. The example in the stem cells implantation. Due to unique features of the stem cells & the method in general we have a treatment opportunities even for AIDS infected people as so as for suffering from hard systematical & metabolic diseases like diabetes rheumatoid arthritis, ulcerative colitis and Crohn’s disease. More deep information about stem cells you can get on our special on-line project

If you need professional, cost effective & confidential treatment - call us & we’ll do our best to organize a suitable treatment for you in Ukraine.

Dental clinics of Ukraine are really keen on surgical & orthopedic dentistry as so as on so modern aesthetic dentistry of children & adults. If you’re in need of dental implantation, reconstructive dental orthopaedic treatment or bracket system is necessary for your children - please call us & we will help you to choose the doctor accordingly & set al necessary consultations & procedures in advance.

Heart diseases & Arterial hypertension treatment in Ukraine is effective & well developed. There are some Scientific Institutes famous abroad & various close & wide specified clinics with modern equipment & competent doctors. As so as the traditional cardiology & cardiac surgery treatment is well developed, there are all modern methods like less invasive surgery, stenting & peripheral intervention are implemented & accessible for Ukrainian patients.

Neurological practice is focused on hard cases resolving. If you are in need of Autism treatment or Alzheimer's disease & Parkinson’s disease patients follow up - the best Ukrainian practitioners will offer the most innovative & effective methods of treatment & rehabilitation. Also there are various clinics close specified on different Encephalopathies & Multiple sclerosis treatment as well. The innovative methods of & highly professional doctors bring optimistic opportunities to achieve the strong remission results with chronic neuropathic cases & succsessful treatment of the acute ones.

Urology is succeeding in Ukraine with lithotripsy & treatment of Erectile dysfunction. Such confidential & important treatment goes on under follow up & guidance of leading European European urologists & local cross specified specialists. Such serious attention to mentioned problems gives progressive & still treatment results to the patients & deeply improove their life quality.

Plastic surgery & aesthetic medicine dynamically developing in Ukraine. Almost all local surgeons & aesthetists are qualified abroad & ready to provide their patients with recent technologies & modern methods of conservative renewal & surgical correction of body face & aesthetic disorders.

Please mention that except the medical services Ukraine is an attractive for the historical tourism & business investments. You can read more about our assistance service & real estate & investing opportunities in appropriate sections of our website. Please feel free to contact us & we will do our best to help you in any issue or your need in Ukraine.