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Investor assistance

The retro cars are amazing & magnetic; we really understand people engaged in this very interesting & existing hobby. Do you collect or making business on retro cars or on parts for them? It’s brilliant! So, you know that there is another side of the moon, most part of the mentioned cars are refurbished or remade. So, the price of them directly depends on the statement – as more the retro car is authentic as higher price it has. But every rule has exceptions, for example some owners do not know the real value or don’t want to invest in refurbishing of their cars.


Ukr Jordan holds a separate business department specified on retro cars deals assistance. Just connect to us & we will find the necessary car for you. Our managers are high skilled experts in this area. We can provide you the offer from our existing database or find the good variant according to your personal order. We cover the Ukraine & CIS countries & also have professional partners in Europe.

When you choose the car you have to mention its general statement, a year of production, its own history & package. People collecting the retro cars have a very different insights drivig them in their hobby. Some of our clients hunting the famous models of sport or posh cars, some of them looking for the rare packages & engines & some of them want to buy a car with a history, which belonged to some famous person of took part in some historical action.

Our managers really understand all our clients insights & will professionally serve you in your search. Need a help in retro car search – write us & we will help you to find the one. Also we have to mention about usual treats on the way of the retro car buyer. It’s a pity, but today there are various cheaters trying to grab your money or sell the wrong car to the client. Our company provides the clients with totally secure service, before we offer the car we always check it deeply.

After we sure that the car suites the general client requirements we start the legal check out to sure that the car is not stolen or arrested. Next step is the technical check, our partners – the car stations specialized on retro cars repair & service carefully check every module to be authentic & technically well. And in the end our client gets the proposal – his 100% awaited & ready to buy retro car. So don’t hesitate –write us & you will get the one.